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Currently, a commendable 75% of our materials are recycled. While we aspire to increase this number, making a complete shift to recycled materials is a goal on our horizon. We're committed to researching and evaluating the feasibility of this move.

Near future

As we look ahead, we're considering holistic measures to go beyond just the clothes we create. Initiatives like second-hand product offerings and gear repair kits are on our radar, which could potentially minimize waste and maximize the life of each CLWR piece. Our broader vision includes a deep dive into the environmental implications of every operational aspect, striving for improvements wherever feasible.

Long term

We understand the weight of the word 'sustainable', especially for a clothing brand. While we may not be saving the planet single-handedly, our goal is to ensure that our footprint is as minimal as possible. By lookin into optimizing areas like transportation, production, and our workspace, we hope to have a more positive impact on the planet. This is not something that comes easy and we are discussing these things regularly.