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Stupid questions

A collection of time consuming questions with some good enough answers.

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Shipping & Returns

When will my order be shipped?

Your order is dispatched between 1-3 working days after your order has been placed. Please allow up to a week for the delivery. You can read our shipping policy here.

Where is my order?

In order to trace your order, use your tracking number, 10 digits (ex 12345678909) that you find in the delivery notification email. The delivery notification email has been sent to the email that you stated during your purchase and is sent to you when the order has been dispatched from our warehouse. The email is named Delivery notification and is sent from order(a) activebrandsgroup.se. You can track your package at https://activetracing.dhl.com/

When can I expect my package to be delivered?

Normal delivery time within 7 working days from ABG has confirmed your order via e-mail. If the product is included in the order assortment, the delivery time is extended up to 10 working days. You can read our shipping policy here.

How do i return a product?

To create a return, just log in to your account (the little person icon at the top of the page, or in the mobile menu) and make the return request, follow the instructions provided.

If your order number starts with 101, send us a message here and we can help you with the return.

Please ensure that you pack the items in their original packaging and drop them off at a delivery center. We'll carefully inspect the items and refund your purchase account within 14 days.

To enable a possible return, you need to be able to prove the purchase and ABG recommends that you save the order confirmation and payment reference as a receipt for your purchase.

You can find a step by step guide for the return process here.

Payment & Refunds

How long does it take to get refunded after my return?

When we have received and approved your return a repayment will be done to the same card that you used for your purchase. It can take up to 14 days until you have the money in your account depending on the bank.

What is your return policy?

You have right to change your purchase for 14 days. The piece and its packaging needs to be intact and unworn in order to be able to get the return approved.

As a consumer, you always have a fourteen (14) day right of withdrawal according to the Distance Contracts and Off-premises Contracts Act (2005:59). In order for you to feel completely safe with your purchase, ABG instead offers a full 30 (30) day right of withdrawal from the time you receive the item or a substantial part of it.


Look, we know you're here to score some epic gear. But you probably want to know a bit more about what you're buying, right? At ColourWear (CLWR), we've got you covered. Each item's got its own VIP page, where we spill all the details about the specs, materials, tech, and how-to's. For ease we have gathered some info here tho, to let you get a hum about what to expect.

Where can i find product specs?

Specs section? We've got it on every product page, and it's filled with all the nitty-gritty about size, and other techie stuff. It's kind of like speed dating, but for gear. You'll know if our product is your perfect match within minutes.

How sustainable are the materials you use?

The materials section is like a backstage pass to our sustainable, eco-friendly practices. We're proud of the environmentally friendly materials we use, and we're excited to share the love. We use 75% recycled material for our all our pieces and will bump that up for every season, so get ready for all the green deets and future friendly stuff. Check out more on how we work to take care of mother nature here.

I'm looking for tech features, where do i find those?

You can find the technology section on the product page. Here we spotlight all the bells and whistles that make our gear stand out from the crowd. Think of it as our version of a tech TED talk. Only cooler.

Size & Fit

Where can i find information about your sizes?

Let's get real for a moment, size matters when it comes to gear. That's why we've got a nifty size guide on each product page. It's like your own personal matchmaker, helping you find the perfect fit, whether you're more of a 'Medium Madness' or a 'Large and in Charge'. Don't just wing it, check out the guide. Trust us, your body will thank you. For more info on our fits and size ranges feel free to have a look here.

What type of fits do you have?

Let's not forget the fit. We're not talking about those late-night gym sessions, but how our gear wraps around you like a second skin. Loose or tight, relaxed or fitted, we've got all the styles you crave. Each piece is expertly designed to allow maximum movement while looking pretty darn fly. No awkward baggy sections (if you don't want them) or tight pinches here (nobody likes those), just pure, unadulterated comfort. So go on, live your best-fit life with ColourWear! You can find the items fit on each and every product page. View extensive fit guide here.

Want to become a Crew member?

How do i become a CLWR Crew Member?

Ever daydream about being part of an epic crew? Stop dreaming and start doing, folks! We've got an open invitation to join our legendary ColourWear Crew Ambassador Program. It's not for the faint-hearted though. We're talking serious shredders, adventure chasers, and all-round good-time-havers.

The gig? Rep our gear, share your adventures, and join a community of folks who are all about that #CrewLife. You get to splash around in some sweet ColourWear swag and spread the stoke wherever you go.

So, reckon you've got what it takes to be part of our crew? Then what are you waiting for? Check out this page and hit that 'apply' button and let's see if you're ready to fly the ColourWear flag!

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