Finding ourselves with Noise Studio

As an established brand in action sports, we have experienced our bluebird days, chest deep powder, and whiteouts on our way to constructing exceptional products for adventure. In order to “find a new line” and continue cultivating an adventurous audience, we teamed up with Noise Studio to solidify our roots and build a forward thinking strategy for the brand as a whole, and the CLWR community. Together we went after this challenge together as any group of riders would... we sent it!

Finding Our Flow with Noise Studio: A Year in the Making

Here at CLWR, our roots have always been anchored in community and authenticity. As we approached a new era, we felt the drive to rekindle our original spirit while simultaneously setting our sights on the future. Partnering with Noise Studio was a vital step in that journey, and what a ride it's been!

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Rewinding a bit, CLWR sprung to life in 2010 in Sweden, a brainchild of three seasoned professionals from the action sports realm. They envisioned a vibrant alternative to the monochrome outerwear landscape – hence our standout white buttons and a rainbow of products. While our ethos hasn't shifted, we felt it was time to reinvigorate our brand's image.

Why We Partnered with Noise

When CLWR was brought under the Active Brands Group umbrella in July 2022, we quickly recognized the need for a fresh approach. To bridge our rich heritage with modern aesthetics and values, it was clear we needed a creative ally. Enter Noise Studio. Our collaboration was rooted in mutual respect, challenge, and most importantly, understanding.

Our joint mission? Keep CLWR contemporary while ensuring our gaze is firmly set on tomorrow's horizon. It was crucial that both parties embodied the CLWR brand's essence because if everyone truly understand our ethos, we could seamlessly share it with th CLWR community.


Evolving with 'Crew Driven'

The phrase 'Crew Driven' captures our heart. For us, it's less about being the best in the sport and more about the camaraderie – hitting the slopes, catching waves, and most importantly, doing it with your crew. Sports bring us together, and that’s a sentiment we hold dear.

Diving into Bold and Rebellious

We’ve always had a bit of a rebellious streak, thanks to our founders. That's why our refreshed identity, though daring and youthful, feels like coming home. We sifted through the layers that no longer served us, embracing a bolder, more colorful persona.

The main thing has been to wash out the aspects that had crept into the brand that didn’t serve us any more, and bravely follow a rebellious, colourful and youthful identity.

– Finn Schottenius


Products and What’s Ahead

Our renewed focus has injected a fresh flair into our offerings. The Winter '24 collection is steeped in our revamped guidelines, showcasing innovative graphics, designs, and a spirited art direction. And as we look toward the 24/25 season, anticipate more vibrancy, youthful zest, and (you guessed it) a burst of colors!

In Retrospect

Reflecting on our rebrand journey, it was more than just a facelift—it catalyzed profound introspection into our team dynamics. This transformation spurred us to foster tighter in-house collaborations, streamline processes, and embrace agility. As we transitioned, our vision was clear: to unify the CLWR family and position ourselves as not just a brand, but a cohesive force in the industry.

Looking Forward

This transformation has reshaped our mindset. Every facet of our operation, from design to communication, feels rejuvenated. Noise Studio illuminated the importance of consistency across the board. Our forthcoming collections are a testament to that.

The upcoming 23/24 season is a new dawn for ColourWear. With revamped content, an updated website, fresh messaging, a growing community, and a band of brand ambassadors, we're not just reintroducing our brand – we're celebrating its evolution.

In essence, it's the same ColourWear spirit you've known, now painted with a fresh coat of passion and panache. Join us as we unveil this exhilarating chapter. The best, as they say, is yet to come!

Thank you for reading

Special thanks to Noise Studio Co. and everyone involved in this project! :)