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Circling Back to a Better Future

G'day, Earth lovers! So, you've heard our spiel about sustainability - it's the cool thing, the 'in' thing, and, well, the 'right' thing. But, we're not just hopping on the bandwagon here at ColourWear. We're in it for the long ride - we're talking the marathon, not the sprint.

Saving the planet...

Aiming for circular - here is what we do. From recycled shells to linings and padding, we’re giving old materials new life. Our gear is on a mission to reduce waste and keep you warm and stylish. Our products are like that reliable friend who never lets you down. They’re built to last for years, and we aim for your clothes to have more lives than a cat.

At CLWR we’re all about the sustainable marathon, not the sprint. We’re here to prove that quality and durability can coexist with style. It’s like having a wardrobe that defies time, so you can reduce your carbon footprint to a mere whisper. We carefully select colours that’ll make your heart skip a beat, season after season. Get ready to fall head over heels and stay smitten for a lifetime.

So slow down, be mindful of your choices, and build a wardrobe that aligns with your values. We all know this little blue planet is worth fighting for. Get out there with your crew and keep being green, folks.


Our Pledge

We're not just paying lip service to the Paris Agreement, we're signing up for the long haul. We're all about pinning global warming to a cool 1.5°C hike compared to the pre-smokestack days. We're itching to get our partners, communities, and even our rivals caught up in our wake, proving that persistence is key in turning the tide. Think of it as our vow to create a future where ColourWear runs on a circular economy with a big fat zero next to our emission count by 2050.


We're not just making stuff. We're crafting companions for every winding path you choose to tread, with a damn good reason. Our design manifesto? Think durability that laughs in the face of time, aesthetic that remains forever chic, functionality that adapts like a chameleon, and an impact that barely leaves a whisper. We get it, no brand can slap on a '100% sustainable' sticker, but that doesn't mean we won't roll up our sleeves and throw everything we've got at the climate crisis and social discord.

Our Journey

We're still revving up for the most epic journey yet - transforming into a bona fide circular business. The agenda includes extending our products' lifespan, downsizing the number of products you need for your adventures, running on pure renewable energy from thread to tag, and making sure our gear can be completely reborn at the end of its days.

Our compass is set on the north star of scientific reasoning, industry-certified validations, and meticulous sourcing. We're all about choosing the crème de la crème of materials, pruning the variety of fibers and parts used, and shaking hands with the top-notch suppliers. This is how we aim to trim the environmental footprint of our products and uplift the communities that stitch our vision together. Step by careful step. Never losing the 'now or never' spirit.

Always be nice to mum

We believe in giving a big, warm hug to Mother Nature and making our planet a happier, healthier place to live. And, while we're at it, why not look great doing it?

Here's the Lowdown on Our Eco-Moves

Breathing New Life into Old Materials

Here at ColourWear, we're taking a page out of the 'circle of life' playbook (and no, we're not just referencing The Lion King). We're talking about that recycling, repurposing, giving-back-to-the-earth kind of philosophy. That's exactly how we view our gear - a reincarnation of forgotten materials, transforming yesterday's waste into tomorrow's fashion staples. One man's trash is another's outfit, and that's a concept we find irresistibly cool.

As we carve our path towards future collections, sustainability is our north star. Approximately 80% of our fabric qualities will be sustainably sourced in 2024, a noticeable step up from our 75% in 23. With each new collection, we're raising the bar a notch higher. Sustainability, for us, isn't just a destination - it's a thrilling, ever-evolving journey.

Diving deeper into the weeds, our commitment to sustainability extends to every thread we weave. Cotton, a vital component of many of our products, is sourced sustainably whenever possible. Our products boast of fluorocarbon-free membranes, a testament to our unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility. Because here at ColourWear, we believe every detail counts in the pursuit of a greener future.

Crafting Gear That Sticks Around for the Long Haul

We approach durability with the same fervour a Hollywood A-lister brings to their action sequences - oodles of passion and a determination to make the tough seem effortless. Our gear? It's built to take a beating and still look red carpet-ready. Reinforced elbows for those rigorous adventures, fade-resistant colours to keep you looking fresh, it's all part of the package. And style? That's never on the chopping block.

Dreaming Up Tomorrow's Threads Today

Steeped in our Scandinavian heritage, we're proponents of the design credo of timeless aesthetics. We try to pick resilient materials, accents, and hues that don't just weather time but also transcend fleeting fashion trends. Our colour palettes are thoughtfully curated with shades that hold their appeal season after season, never losing their chic. We're crafting pieces that aren't bound by the calendar, set for a journey that extends well beyond the horizon. What's the ultimate fashion revolution, you ask? Owning an ensemble that not only endures the tick-tock of time, but also manages to stay evergreen, evolving gracefully like a timeless classic.

Let's Keep It Crystal Clear, Shall We?

Peering into our crystal ball to the future and beyond, we're lining up to spill the beans big time. We are working towards being able to pin the climate impact of each ColourWear product straight on our product pages, clothes and more. But we're not just going to drop the mic there. In the future, we'll share a blow-by-blow account of our sustainability journey, triumphs and stumbles, right here on our .com. And you can bet your favorite beanie that we'll keep you posted with regular updates. Because at ColourWear, we're not just dabbling about transparency - we want to live and breath it.

Your Choices Matter

Every piece you buy is a vote for the kind of world you want to live in. Slow down, be mindful, and build a wardrobe that echoes your values. Make a statement with your style and let the world know you're part of the eco-crew.

Our planet's worth the fight, and every step we take towards sustainability counts. So gear up, get out there with your crew, and keep spreading those green vibes. After all, we're all in this ride together.

What you can do

Don't wash to often

Only buy what you need

Recycle your pieces

Repair your pieces