Lapoint's essence is built on good times and a free spirited lifestyle around surfing, yoga and trevelling. ColourWear and Lapoint share the same belief that the significance of any experience is about connections more than anything else. Social interactions are at the heart of everything we do as humans and that's why we teamed up - To give you new friends, more skills and unforgettable good times.

Lapoint Heritage

It all started on a surf trip to Portugal in 2005 when Swedish childhood friends Sebastian and Peter met local surfer Alex at a street surfer party in Lisabon. They became great friends surfing the coast together. On the last morning of ther trip, they scored fun glassy waves with no one else in the water. Afterwards, walking up the beach buzzing with excitement, well aware that the trip was almost over, Sebastian said: "Life should feel like this every day".

World-class surf, feel good vibes!

Majestic nature along a dramatic coastline and glittering horizon of the Atlantic ocean. Portugal is one of those special places that give you the ultimate sense of freedom. Get to experience it yourself at our surf camp in Ericeira, Portugal - the surf captial of Europe. Live minuets from salty days with adventures in nearby Lisbon.