Apply to become a ColourWear

Content Creator!

Are you and your friends skiing the Alps, Rockies or the nordic hemisphere? A talent for filmmaking and social media combined? Look no further - we’ve got an offer you cannot resist!

We'll support the winner and his/her friends with:

- ColourWear ski & board apparel.
- Season ski passes for you and your friends*

- Get featured on ColourWear social media.



Guidelines for the



The competition is open between the 17th of September until the 29th of October.

To enter the competition, you have to:

- Apply via the application form linked above.
- Maximum amount of people in your possey 2-6 people
- Staying at a specific winter mountain resort for a longer period of time.
- Be able to consistently, throughout the winter, deliver quality content to ColourWear to be featured on ColourWear's social media
- Have a positive and inspiring attitude when representing the brand


*We will support a group consisting of 2-6 people in total.
This means you can't enter the competition on your own, or with more than 5 friends. 


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