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A group of mates who just loved riding together.

Having worked in the outdoor industry our whole careers, we saw the general attitude across the board turn more serious and exclusive. Sure, more people were wearing cool outdoor wear and kit had more features for your transceiver and ice axe, but what about those simply epic days shredding with your mates, nailing that next trick or skiing in powder for the first time? When we think of these kinds of days, we don’t remember if our jackets were ‘zip in compatible’.

We love snowsports for the style. But it’s not just about clothing, it’s about creative expression, stoke and strapping in.

Oh yeah, maybe we should talk about our history; ColourWear, Wear Colour, CLWR... . Like any rider we’ve had our bluebird powder days and our wipeouts. But we’re proud of our journey because it’s got us to where we are today. We know who we are, who we’re for and what we stand for.

We’re for your crew, and we are your crew. We’re for people who just love riding together.

More then a decade of memories

Since 2010 we have been all about capturing those amazing memories you get riding with an epic crew. People in our CLWR crew has come and gone throughout the years, but we have, and will always strive to make the mountains more accessible in an affordable and stylish way. With a crew driven mentality, we want you to, ride with your crew, make epic memories and have fun along the way.

Born from riders, for riders...

Our Values
A crew mentality
Creative expression
Our Personality
Crew Driven
No Ego
Here to stand out
For everyone
Our Purpose
Ride with your crew without limits