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Marc Grossgasteiger




Hey there, I am Marc from South-Tyrol (ITA). During the winter I’m based In Innsbruck (AUT). I started snowboarding back in 2000 when I was 5 years old. So I pretty much spent my whole youth in the mountains. Snowboarding was always something really special to me. It is more than a sport, it is a culture. Something different and beautiful. Something which keeps you balanced and healthy in such a special way.

Nowadays I’m a snowboard instructor and I have the privilege to spend most of the winter out in the backcountry to produce photo and video content for my sponsors like ColourWear.


What do you do in the winter?

What do you do in the summer?
Farming and Mountaineering.

What's your mission in life:
To be happy and to make others happy.

Favorite place to go travel?

Good quality, sustainability, style.

Favorit CLWR product?
Strix Pants.

For me as a mountain boy it's also important to collaborate with brands who keep an eye on sustainability. So I’m proud to be part of the ColourWear Team.

– Marc on important things