Thomas Enk

Hey, i am Thomas out of Innsbruck. Back when i was younger i used to be pretty hyperactive so i started to try all kinds of sports to calm down and find good use for my energy. Because of growing up in the middle of the alps i began to ski pretty early and as soon as i started snowboarding i realized that this is going to stay my passion forever. Ever since then it has been a great journey along the way with other outdoor activities like surfing and climbing to keep that hyperactive kid busy haha. Partnering with CLWR is a true honor because i always loved their eye for fashion in outdoor equipment with a sustainable origin.

Nick name: Enki

Nationality: Austria

Home town: Innsbruck

What do you do in the winter: Snowboarding

What do you do in the summer: Surfing, climbing

Whats your mission in life: To enjoy every minute of is as good as possible

Favorite place to go travel: Mexico

Why CLWR: Fresh styles

Favorit CLWR product: Strix pants and jacket 


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