Patrick Steiner

Growing up in the heart of the Alps I quickly developed my love for mountain sports. At the age of 9 I got my first snowboard and from that day on I spent every free minute on the slopes, the park or searching for powder. Sometimes I brought my little point and shoot camera, just to capture some of the great moments I had hanging out with my friends on the mountain. Later i bought my first DSLR and now photography is my passion and I enjoy every minute I spent in the mountains with my camera. Thanks CLWR fo r supporting me following my passion and keeping me warm and dry in all conditions.

Nick name: Patze

Nationality: Austria

Home town: Oberhofen

What do you do in the winter: Snowboarding, Snowboard and Ski photography

What do you do in the summer: Hiking, Tennis and I try to surf

Whats your mission in life: Trying to get the best photos I can and having a great time doing it.

Favorite place to go travel: St. Girons Plage (France), Iceland

Why CLWR: For me the most important thing while shooting in the winter is to sta y warm and try. CLWR can provide me with that. And beside that I really like the style of the products.

Favorit CLWR product: Spine Jacket, Strix Bip Pant and I just love the Pile Jacket!


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