Marty Robertson

Martin "Marty" Robertson was born and raised on the Isle of Skye, Scotland and lived there for the majority of my life before moving to California in 2012. Having pursued a career in professional snowboarding for the better part of 20 years. He started sliding around on old skateboard decks in the winter of 1992 and ever since then it's been a full on love affair. As a member of the British snowboard team for well over a decade, Marty travelled and competed across the world before relocating to Mammoth Lakes, CA in 2012. Today, while still very much snowboarding 100+ days a year, Marty finds himself behind the camera with some of the highest profile clients around the world, focusing on automotive/lifestyle and brands. His work is cinematic in nature and even the smallest shoots receive the expertise and attention usually only in large productions. Image is only half the story, for full engagement a narrative needs to be woven through the photography and tells a story that will resonate with your target audience. And it's because of these intertwined together that makes Marty the perfect ambassador for CLWR and has been a staple with the brand from the beginning.

Nick name: Since moving to the states everyone just knows me as "Marty" now.

Nationality: I'm a very proud Scot

Home town: Isle of Skye, Scotland, Mammoth Lakes, CA & Newport Beach, CA (consider them all 'Home')

What do you do in the winter: Snowboard as much as possible and surf

What do you do in the summer: Normally shooting photos of nice cars and traveling...

Whats your mission in life: Just to be as good a human as possible. To be content with whatever I'm doing.

Favorite place to go travel: Iceland

Why CLWR: I see CLWR as family personally. Being a part of it and having them value what I'm doing and help make the brand better is everything to me.

Favorit CLWR product: Foil Anorak & Strix Bibs


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