Judy Geiger

Hey! I’m Judith, a 27 years old educational science student who grew up in a little mountain village based in the Tyrolean Alps. While finishing my studies I’m trying to spend as much time as possible on the mountains around Innsbruck, where lots of opportunities are given all year round, hiking in summer and snowboarding in the winter.

Nick name: Judy

Nationality: Austrian

Home town: Innsbruck

What do you do in the winter: My main activity in the winter months is of course s nowboarding. Not a big surprise, when the chairlift is just a 5minutes from my house. Living in a winter domicile , I was always surrounded with winter sports and activities in snow. So next to snowboarding I also got more into splitboarding, ice skating an d sledging through our local woods. Basically just love to be out in the snow.

What do you do in the summer: The two things I like most in summer is hiking and traveling . At home I’m basically surrounded by Mountains which I loved to climb as a little girl and still do. Such a nice feeling overcoming the hight and enjoying the bird view. But I also fell in love with exploring new countries and cultures around the world , s o traveling around in summertime became a must for me.

Whats your mission in life: to a lways being able to be close to nature, staying grateful for the little things in life.

Favorite place to go travel: My favorite place to go travel is definitively Portugal, love the rough Atlantic coast, the wild ocean next to the steep cliff lines with beautiful beaches in between. I also made my first surfing experiences there.

Why CLWR: Because ColourWear is representing a way of lifestyle that I can relate with and that is to go outside having fun and do what you love.

Favorit CLWR product: Their winter jackets, they are super cozy and are keeping me warm on frozen days while letting me look good on my board.


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