Florian Zebisch

A genuine Bavarian who was born and raised at the lake "Chiemsee" in the beautiful foothills of the Alps in southern Germany. With only a few minutes to the next ski lift I have encountered with skiing very early when my parents put me on skis for the first time when I was less than 3 years old. After more than 15 years of ski racing, I was looking for a new in centive and a new challenge. And after seeing the first videos of a trend called “free skiing” - which was still rather unknown in our area at the time - I became pretty curious about it and bought my first pair of twin tips. And what should I say: since then I am totally addicted to it and it became my biggest passion! Through the years I increasingly discovered free riding off - piste in addition to park riding. At that time I also had the privilege to become a part of ColourWear. The functional clothes are the perfect companion for my activities in the mountains because they protect me from the cold and wet - and also make me always look good ;) Therefore a huge thanks for the great support! It's a great honor to be a part of this company/community!

Nick name: Flo

Nationality: German

Home town: Chieming

What do you do in the winter: Skiing, skiing and skiing

What do you do in the summer: Biking, Beachvolleyball, Stand-up-paddling

Whats your mission in life: Having a good time.

Favorite place to go travel: The Mountains :) But to be more specific: Japan

Why CLWR: I like the philosophy of CLWR as well as the style & quality of the products

Favorit CLWR product: Hawk Jacket


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