Fabian Agartson

A snow crazy person who lives on the west coast of Sweden, that kind of explains who I am. I was originally born in Idre Fjäll, Dalarna but moved to the coast at the age of 5. Growing up my parents took every chance they had to go skiing which probably explains were the opsesity came from. Being born in the Swedish fjalls I have always loved being close to nature especially during the winters. When I was around 10 years old I got introduced to free skiing and have been hooked to the feeling of flying and expressing my creativity through skiing ever since. Later on I started studying at the Swedish freeski school and I’m now in the middle of my fourth and last year. At the moment I live my life trying to ski as much as I can, doing what I love. If you want t o follow me on my journey make sure to check out my social medias!

Nick name: Fabbe

Nationality: Swede

Home town: Varberg, Sweden

What do you do in the winter: In the winter I travel around on competitions and film with my friends.

What do you do in the summer: In the summer I prefer to be on ether a skate or surfboard. If I get the chance I might go hunt for some snow.

Whats your mission in life: Being the greatest that I can be, as a person and as a skier.

Favorite place to go travel: Wherever there is snow.

Why CLWR: A caring brand who provides quality products with style!

Favorit CLWR product: : I would say that my personal favorite is the box pant, a baggier pant with a stylish look.


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