Denis Kulyas

Denis (Kulyas). I live on a peninsula, the locals believe that this is an island, since there is no ground communication with it, only by air and sea or ocean. In a word, the Far East is Kamchatka, the harsh reality of fire - breathing volcanoes in Russia. Since childhood, I have been surrounded by active volcanoes and alluring snowy slopes, which could only be reached on skis, and to ride on them you needed skill. This is how fate connected me with snowboarding, which I am now very happy about. My hobby has become my profession, I consider myself happy! I am constantly in the mountains where there is fresh air, clean nature, and vanity is somewhere below. I love my land, there is no limit to desires, and to make it safe for me and my friends I received a diploma of a mountain guide, who knows, he will understand. In winter I do Heli - skiing and Freeride, and in summer I walk on volcanoes and look for new locations for tourism in the mountains, this is what I live for. My idea is to involve young people in nature conservation and show how sport, in my case, snowboarding can change my life and worldview. Thinking broadly is great. I have known the CLWR brand almost from the very beginning, style and nothing superfluous and the main quality, for my work in the mountains it is very important. The team is carefully studying the feedback on tailoring. Being stylish in front of the guests of Kamchatka is also important, therefore only CLWR. Any thing is a work of art.

Nick name: Denis

Nationality: Russian

Home town: Petropa vlovsk - Kamchatsky

What do you do in the winter: I work in the mountains Heli - Ski as a guide

What do you do in the summer: I take groups to the mountains, looking for new places to travel.

Whats your mission in life: To attract as many young people as possible t o an active lifestyle and to be an example.

Favorite place to go travel: Volcanoes and mountains of Kamchatka.

Why CLWR: : Once I put on clothes and could not find anything similar, style, quality and tailoring made me fall in love with this brand

Favorit CLWR product: Technological winter jackets, I can't pick one.


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