Alec VandeWeerd

Growing up in Michigan, snowboarding was always there for us. It was a way to get outside and be with the people that meant the most. Many opportunities came up with sports following my childhood. I turned down all of them to pursue my love for the sport of snowboarding. I have been living in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado for 7 years. Snowboarding has been a blessing and everyone who takes part in this sport should remind themselves often of how thankful we are that we have it along our journey.

Nick name: Alec VandeWeerd

Nationality: American

Home town: South Haven, Michigan

What do you do in the winter: Snowboard, fly airplanes

What do you do in the summer: Fly airplanes, surf, skateboard

Whats your mission in life: Inspire the youth that believing in wha t is important to YOU and striving towards YOUR personal goals is the most important thing in life. Never let someone alter your dreams.

Favorite place to go travel: I love the water and I love the mountains! Michigan, Colorado, California, Florida

Why CLWR: I learned of CLWR in 2015 when a snowboarder I looked up to was riding for the brand. I always loved how different Colourwear was from other brands. Colourwear is built for the mountains and is designed for athletes

Favorit CLWR product: All of the f ull kits (jacket/pants) I really love all of the hats as well!


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