Raphi Stifter

Raphi Stifter

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A middle African Italian living in the Austrian Alps since I’m a five year old kid. That day I fell in love with the mountains & snow. Since I work as a building services engineer I try to find balance in sport, or to put it more simply, in all kind of outdoor activities. Being able to work with ColourWear enables me to be suited with the right equipment to go for even further goals and adventures.





Home town:


What do you do in the winter:

Since I live in the Alps you’ll find me most of the time in the mountains standing on my board. Most of the time I’ll be riding in the park but when there’s fresh powder covering everything up I’m definitely searching for the depths. Nothing more satisfying than floating around jumping cliffs and eventually going on exploration with my Splitboard.

What do you do in the summer:

As much as I love the winter, there’s also a huge passion for summertime. Basically enjoying the long summer days while skating, hiking, climbing, chilling with friends , and those good old bonfire evenings with open ends. Ah and of course exploring new places when vacations combined with surfing if possible, so just collecting as many experiences as possible.

What's your mission in life:

My mom always told me that the only thing I should try to do is to try to become two words: Happy&Free. That’s what I’m aiming at and we’ll see where it leads me.

Favorite place to go travel:

It’s definitely Greece, I’ve been quite often as a kid and when I’m there it feels like a second home to me. Clearest water, tons of beaches and god , the food is a piece of Heaven on Earth.


Because ColourWear is a sick ass brand, that’s why! I had the chance to go test their stuff on a shoot and stoked: Nice colours of course, style aaand comfy!

Favorit CLWR product:

I like the CLWR jackets the most because they combine both functionality and style perfectly. 

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