Kalle Järvilehto

Pro Snowboarder

As a fin, introducing myself is a bit difficult but I'll try! I'm a snowboarder who grew up near a small resort in western Finland. I've been riding rails and small jumps most of my childhood so I still like doing that very much. Nowadays I'm traveling a lot to ride around the world!


What do you do in the winter?
Travel the world with my snowboard and friends.

What do you do in the summer?
Mostly skate and play golf.

What's your mission in life?
To enjoy life as much as possible.

Favorite place to go travel?
I liked Venice beach LA very much but there is many other too!

I see that CLWR wants to develop the brand to be just what I'm looking for. They are also very nice people and care about the riders.

Favorit CLWR product?
BOX pants are the best!

I appreciate style highly and that's why I love to team up with CLWR! Can't wait to try out their new clothes!

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